About Us
Fram Renewable Fuels L.L.C.(Fram) was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Georgia USA. Fram focuses on being a significant, reliable, cost effective supplier of wood fuels. The manufacturing facility, Appling County Pellets, LLC (ACP), is located in Baxley, Georgia USA. The plant is located in an ideal area, as there is an abundant supply of sustainable raw material throughout southeast Georgia.

Since the inception of Fram Renewable Fuels, the plan was to manufacture and export wholesale wood pellet fuel to utility companies in Europe. However, during the construction phase of ACP and continuing throughout the summer of 2008, we received overwhelming inquiries from the northeastern United States concerning the availability of wood pellet fuel. It was apparent there was a high demand for wood pellet fuel in the US market.

In September 2008, in response to consumer demand in the domestic market, ACP purchased a fully automated bagging line. In October 2008, ACP opened its sales office and began its wholesale operation of selling truckloads of bagged wood pellet fuel to retailers in the northeastern USA. By November 2008, the bagging line was completed and ACP began packaging 40 lb. bags of premium wood pellets. Due to the supply shortage in 2008 and previous years, our sales continued throughout the year in preparation for this winter season.

ACP is in the renewable fuel business to produce quality pellets that meet the industry standard of “premium grade wood pellets.” ACP is focused on continuous improvement of our products and development of new uses for them. Our goal is to develop a strategy/direction that will allow us to build lasting business relationships with retailers and distributors in the eastern and mid-Atlantic United States.

In order to set our products apart from the rest, we have established a Brand Name. Our products will be packaged under the name HeatSmart. ACP’s new product lines will include: HeatSmart firelogs, HeatSmart firebricks, and Smart animal bedding (another use for wood pellets).

Sales Office

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248 SweetWater Drive | Baxley, Georgia 31513 | USA